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Visual Communication ~ Adobe Photoshop Objectives


Domain 1.0 Setting Project Requirements


1.1           Identify the purpose, audience, and audience needs for preparing images.

1.2           Demonstrate knowledge of standard copyright rules for images and image use.

1.3           Demonstrate knowledge of project management tasks and responsibilities.

1.4           Communicate with others (such as peers and clients) about design plans.


Domain 2.0 Identifying Design Elements When Preparing Images


2.1           Demonstrate knowledge of image resolution, image size, and image file formats for web, video, and print.

2.2           Demonstrate knowledge of design principles, elements, and image composition.

2.3           Demonstrate knowledge of typography.

2.4           Demonstrate knowledge of color correction using Photoshop.

2.5           Demonstrate knowledge of image-generating devices, their resulting image types, and how to access resulting

                 images in Photoshop.

2.6           Understand key terminology when working with digital images.


Domain 3.0 Understanding Adobe Photoshop


3.1           Identify elements of the Photoshop user interface and demonstrate knowledge of their functions.

3.2           Demonstrate knowledge of layers and masks.

3.3           Demonstrate knowledge of importing, exporting, organizing, and saving.

3.4           Demonstrate knowledge of producing and reusing images.

3.5           Demonstrate an understanding of and select the appropriate features and options required to

                 implement a color management workflow.


Domain 4.0 Manipulating Images by Using Adobe Photoshop


4.1           Demonstrate knowledge of working with selections.

4.2           Use Photoshop guides and rulers.

4.3           Transform images.

4.4           Adjust or correct the tonal range, color, or distortions of an image.

4.5           Demonstrate knowledge of retouching and blending images.

4.6           Demonstrate knowledge of drawing and painting.

4.7           Demonstrate knowledge of type.

4.8           Demonstrate knowledge of filters.


Domain 5.0 Publishing Digital Images by Using Adobe Photoshop


5.1           Demonstrate knowledge of preparing images for web, print, and video.


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