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Student Made Productions

Productions include Broadcast, PSA's and Short Films

WDN - Wolf Den Bunch Promo

This is a short PSA/Music Paradoy fostering cut two, templates, and audio/video sync procedures. 

WDN 8-21-14

This is one of the first video broadcast anouncements for 2014 at Sierra High School.

WDN 9-21-14

This video, after one month of instruction, illustrates how the students are progressing with the new program.

BioHazard Entertainment

This video was created to promote the new be.connected charter starting at Sierra Hiogh School in 2015/16. It illustrates interview, editing, and communication skills.

End the Silence

This PSA was made to promote "The Lisa Project" which was help on Nov. 18, 2014 at Sierra High School. Viewer discresion is advised. Though the video if a work of fiction it deals with real problems.

Living in the Shadows

This is an example of a community partner PSA created by some of the student's that participate in VYVA Inc.


The students helped raise $60,000 for the foundation.

Blender Box

This video is an example of begining students learning how to create simple 3D characters.

Live Action Talk Show

This video is an example of begining broadcast students learning how to create interactive 2D Photoshop characters and incorporate them into a live action broadcast..

Zombie's Attack Sierra

This is a short example of Foley and reverse footage.

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