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Be in charge

of your Future


Be in charge of your future. In order to be successful in a global market, it is necessary to master technology. Thus knowing how to operate both PC and Mac operating systems and use industry-standard software across the platforms provides the edge modern employers are seeking.


This site showcases student work created through the instructional guidance of Ms. Larsen as well as her professional and instructional work samples. Ms. Larsen is a professional in the Arts, Media, & Entertainment industry. She holds several credentials and is a secondary teacher as well as the Educational Director of VYVA Inc., a non-profit organization that provides visual media arts education, internships, and scholarships to underserved community students.    


Project-Based Learning

Industry Visitis

Job Shadowing

Conversations with Industry Experts

Career Options

Soft Skills


Problem Solving

Technical Skills

Entry Level Work Skills

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A-G Class Credit

High School Diploma

Industry Certificates

$$$ Before or Upon Graduation


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